VISIONQUEST ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGIES CORP. Exhibitor & Conference Moderator at 2015 Conference on Canadian Stewardship & Recycling Council of Alberta Waste Reduction Conference.

CanStewConfBanff1BANFF, ALBERTA- VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. attended, moderated and exhibited at the Conference on Canadian Stewardship & Recycling Council of Alberta Waste Reduction Conference held September 30th to October 2nd, 2015 at the beautiful Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta – Venue for “Under The Big Top” – 2015 Conference on Canadian Stewardship & RCA Waste Reduction Conference.


Over 650 public and private sector professionals involved in Canadian product stewardship and waste diversion initiatives joined to discuss strategies towards extended producer responsibility (EPR) and corporate stewardship programs as a method to design cost effective and cost sharing programs to support waste reduction and recycling programs for consumer packaging & paper and organic material management.CanStewConfBanff2


 During the conference, Dave Douglas, President – VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. moderated the session entitled Organics Diversion – Working for Peanuts. 

Over 250 delegates attended this session that focused on organics diversion.

 CanStewConfBanff5Session speakers included Matthew Cotton (IWMC) – Can We Have High Quality Compost and Zero Waste; Mike Meinhardt (Red Hat Co-operative ltd.) – Misfit Veggies,
Belinda Li (Tetra Tech) and Jessie Kwasny (University of Alberta) Best Practices In Onganics Management:  A People-Centred Approach; and Stephanie Woo (Metro Vancouver) – Metro Vancouver’s Organics Disposal Ban.

Source & credit:  RedHat Co-operative (Calgary, Alberta)


VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. proudly exhibited on behalf of a client (GLAD Canada) with key product support available to assist Canadian municipalities to launch successful waste diversion strategies including source separated organics (food) diversion programs that incorporate the use of the GLAD Compostable Bag – both BPI and BNQ certified; clear bag (refuse) diversion strategies incorporating the GLAD Clear Bag and curbside recycling strategies that utilize the GLAD “See Through” Blue Bag.  Numerous communities across Alberta have and continue to launch successful waste diversion programs in partnership with GLAD Canada Ltd.  

GLAD Canada Ltd. was recognized as a Bronze Sponsor of the 2015 conference.


VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. also displayed the EyeTrax Inc. Ranger state-of-art remote cell based surveillance camera system utilized to monitor hot-spots for illegal dumping activities.   Equipped with a solar panel that recharges the battery eliminates the requirement for hard wiring.  Municipalities across Canada continue to purchase and install this system at transfer sites as well as remote locations to address and tackle the huge problem of illegal dumping taking place from coast-to-coast.





Conference delegates Sandra Abuwalla, Director of Marketing & Communications with Call2Recycle and Joanne St. Godard, Executive Director of the Recycling Council of Ontario were introduced by Dave to the Hoodoo’s located under the cliff face of Tunnel Mountain.


Composed of sedimentary rock covered by harder rock that is slow to erode, tall majestic columns of rock remain like towering needles.