Clear Bag Program

Welcome.  You have likely recently read the Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine article (Dec / Jan 2015) article entitled Markham Chooses Clear Bags over Carts ….  And A Year In, Clear Bags are an Unqualified Hit.  

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articlmagVisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. has been assisting municipalities with the design and implementation of clear bag (garbage) programs for the past decade.  To date, over 500K Canadian households now incorporate such measures into their daily routine and such programs are rapidly accelerating as more and more communities take a serious look at this option.

Why use us?

1.  We are the leaders in this area with over a decade of experience assisting municipalities with program design, education (internal & external) and promotional tools;
2.  We offer a direct path to all National (Canada) retailer contacts to ensure local level plan-o-gram customization (not undertaken at local store level) to ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time;
3.  Direct link to the leading National brand (GLAD) for complimentary product sample and promotional support;
4.  Extensive network of municipal colleague contacts available to provide peer support and guidance;
5.  Over twenty five years of experience in the Canadian solid waste management industry with solid credentials, credibility and accountability at very competitive rates;


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Our philosophy is that truly successful programs flourish only when the tail stops wagging the dog.  To often, programs are designed with a stick vs. the carrot approach.   In simplest terms, residents have been using plastic bags (with vigor) since the late 60’s – because they want to.  Why, because plastic bags offer convenience, cleanliness and cost efficiency that meets the lifestyles of the users.   A switch to clear bags for garbage (from opaque) is not a radical idea, but simply a change in the colour.  It is perplexing to think of how much money has been spent trying to encourage residents to get the divertables out a bag, when clearly residents are responding by using bags.

It would be our great pleasure to assist you further with any needs that you may have.  You may contact us in writing through our website HERE  or via phone 416-570-4379.


Dave Douglas