Corporate Stewardship Program Compliance / Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Obligations

A leading provider to North American corporations with technical and strategic support towards environmental compliance, product stewardship obligations / reporting and sustainability issues and end-of-life management of products offered into the marketplace.  Given the complexities associated with program development and the continuously evolving and expanding number of programs across the country the importance of remaining up-to-date on such regulatory obligations remains of paramount importance.  

Services - customized regulatory tracking, internal product and packaging auditing, fee calculation,  compliance management with third party stewardship organizations.

Are you responsible for ensuring that your company remains compliant with all of your extended producer responsibilities and stewardship obligations? 

Are you confident that when the regulatory authorities audit your firm that there will be no costly surprises?  Are you ready for that knock on your door?

We will ensure that your corporate obligations are being addressed.
We will assist you to navigate the complexities of the numerous stewardship programs that are in place.
We will provide you with a roadmap pertaining to the future of such programs in timely manner.

    Examples of Provincial Stewardship Programs include:
•    Stewardship Ontario (SO)
•    Eco Enterprise Quebec (EEQ)
•    Clean Farms (National)
•    Multi Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM)
•    Multi Material British Columbia (MMBC)