Electronic Waste Collection / Diversion (recycling) / Asset Management (data destruction)

VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp. – Services Provided
Electronic Waste (E-waste) Diversion Strategies
We provide strategic support towards the collection and environmentally sustainable diversion of electronic waste (e-waste) including program design, in-site logistics, transportation, processing to local governments, environmental organizations, sports teams, school boards, conservation authorities and international businesses.

Since 2007, we have assisted clients to divert over 35 million pounds (16,000 metric tonnes) of e-waste from landfill.  Equivalent to over  3,500 forty yard rolloff trailer loads  - when lined up would stretch over 23 kilometers. 
By weight, this is equivalent to over 2300 adult African elephants.


VisionQuest Environmental Strategies Corp services include:

•  Strategic holistic full-service approach and solutions to public / private sector client needs;
• Secure asset management (100% data security and protection) and environmentally sustainable downstream disposition of e-waste. Our industry partner (Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) Inc., Division of Triple M Metals) is fully accredited, certified and recognized internationally as an industry leader.
•    Provision of all on-site turn-key logistical requirements including cages, containers, roll-offs, etc.;
•    All transportation services to / from host event locations;
•    Revenue share back to event host organizations – fundraising opportunities.
•    On-going multi-residential e-waste collection services.
•    Ongoing flexibility and program customization to meet all client needs.
•    100 % client satisfaction.